Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Announces Resignation of Five Members of Sydenham District Hospital Board of Directors

CHATHAM-KENT: May 5, 2014 -- Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) is regrettably informing the community that five of the seven elected directors of the Sydenham District Hospital’s Board of Directors have tendered their resignations, including the Chair, Vice Chair and Past Chair. 

CKHA’s Tri-Board of Directors is made up of three separate Boards of Directors of Public General Hospital (PGH), St. Joseph’s Health Services Association of Chatham (SJH), and Sydenham District Hospital (SDH). The governance structure requires that a minimum of four elected directors of each board are present at meetings, this is known as quorum. Therefore, no meeting of the Tri-Board can occur without quorum from all three boards that come together to form the Alliance. As such, the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 6 is cancelled. 

“On behalf of the Tri-Board of Directors, I would like to thank all five of these volunteer Board Members for the commitment and experience they provided during their tenure,” said Brenda Richardson, Chair of the Executive Committee, Tri-Board of Directors. “The resignations of these Board Members should not be viewed as a reflection of the organization. Without question every current and former Board Member is proud of the quality care and services delivered across CKHA. I would like to be clear that this is a matter of governance that will be addressed and resolved by the Board.” 

CKHA will support the remaining SDH Directors and the other parties to the Tri-Board of Directors, PGH and SJH, to determine the appropriate next steps. 

For more information, contact: 
Brenda Richardson, Chair, Tri-Board Executive Committee 
519-352-6401 ext. 6001

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