Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Invests in Heart Health with $100,000 in New ECG

CHATHAM-KENT: August 5, 2015 -- Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) invests $100,000 in state-of-the-art electrocardiogram equipment (ECG). This investment allows CKHA to improve their patient diagnostic system within the hospital and to be positioned to fully integrate ECG systems with the new hospital information systems, expected to be in place in the coming years. 


Vanessa Resendes, ECG Technician  at CKHA (left), uses the new ECG equipment to measure the electrical activity of her patient's heart. The ECG will show this activity as line tracings on paper.  The ECG is then sent to his physician (or other healthcare provider) who will look at the pattern to check the electrical activity in different parts of his heart and helps the physician detect any heart problems in the past or in progress.

"Patients concerned about their heart health can be rest assured that the Alliance has leading-edge diagnostic equipment to support their clinical assessments," offered Cynthia Harper-Little, Director, Diagnostic Imaging. "This investment brings our ECG unit up to best practices systems and allows us to increase our assessment and analysis efficiency and accuracy."

The funds were used to replace systems that were over 15 years old. This investment improves the inventory and quality of machines and systems available within the ECG unit, including: 

Two new exercise stress machines with integrated digital blood pressure monitoring system. These machines offer more accurate results and seamless automation of results, collecting digital results and information from both the stress test and blood pressure monitoring system at the same time. With this investment, CKHA staff can focus all of their attention on the patient during these procedures. Additionally, staff can stay current on best practice through the e-library that's integrated into the system.

Ten new holter monitor units, which are portable systems that patients wear for 24 to 48 hrs. to monitor their heart. Once the monitoring cycle is complete, the units are removed from the patient and the information is downloaded into a system for analysis. ECG Technicians review the data for any cardiac arrhythmias or any irregularities and generate relevant rhythm strips. The system automatically generates reports for internal medicine physicians, known as Internists, to review and diagnose patients. Through this investment, CKHA has now enhanced the quality and quantity of units available to better support heart monitoring across multiple programs, including the stroke program and its new clinics as well as community-based programs, such as the cardiac rehabilitation program.

One portable ECG cart, to replace an outdated technology. CKHA now has four current ECG carts which can be upgraded to a future information system. These systems are used to support patient care in the Emergency Department or Inpatient areas, when transporting patients can increase risks.

"We are extremely pleased to have a full and state-of-the-art inventory of equipment to support ECG patient care needs today and into the future," concluded Harper-Little.

ECG is located adjacent to the Diagnostic Imaging Department (DI) at CKHA. It is considered a unique service offering that works collaboratively with DI. Therefore, administration's investment in ECG complements the distinct and significant additional needs of CKHA's DI Department, currently being supported by the Foundation of Chatham-Kent Health Alliance's Future in Focus - CKHA Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Renewal Campaign. To learn more or to support this campaign, please visit:


For more information contact:
Cynthia Harper-Little - Director, Diagnostic Imaging
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance
(519) 352-6400 ext 6547

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