Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Recognizes Exceptional Performance with 2016 Alliance Awards of Excellence

CHATHAM-KENT: November 29, 2016 -- The most prestigious honour that a healthcare professional can earn at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) is an Alliance Award of Excellence. This annual Awards program, now in its 12th year, honours staff, physicians and volunteers who exemplify performance excellence within and beyond the healthcare environment.

The 2016 Alliance Awards of Excellence recipients, clockwise from top left: Maureen McKerrall (Values Award), Amy Zoumboulis, Teresa Boock, Jessica Osborne, Carrie Schoonjans, Lisa Trudgen (Team Award), Pam Tunks-Cornell (Vision Award), Terra Kitzul-Arens (Mission Award).

Mission Award: Terra Kitzul-Arens, Project Manager, Project Management – Terra has been an integral part of the Engineering team since joining CKHA as the Project Manager. She is inclusive of all stakeholders in the planning, design and ongoing renovations at CKHA, taking feedback and adjusting projects to best suit patient and staff needs. She exemplifies CKHA’s mission by considering what is best for the patients, staff and their families in her design work. She remains positive throughout projects, keeping goals and deadlines in perspective, and guides multiple construction partners through complex processes with aggressive deadlines. Patient and family centred care is the focus of all her work activities, supported by continuous quality, safety and environmentally conscious decisions and improvements for exceptional care delivery at CKHA. 

Vision Award: Pam Tunks-Cornell, Decision Support Specialist, Decision Support – Pam joined the Decision Support team in January 2015 from the frontline as a Respiratory Therapist (RT) who had an interest for data. In everything she does, she demonstrates great care and concern for ensuring accurate reporting of data and analysis no matter how difficult or challenging. Her clinical experience has been undeniably valuable to the team and has grown the team’s ability to see data in another light. Pam has a strong belief that the availability of accurate information is key to decision-making processes. She has seen first-hand how data can influence decisions and knows that her work helps CKHA provide high standards in the delivery of care by accurately measuring and reporting on its performance. Throughout all of this she ensures she is always mindful of others and the need for collaboration and sharing of knowledge. 

Values Award: Maureen McKerrall, Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy – Maureen is an expert Physiotherapist who hones her practice with continuous learning and graciously shares her learning with students and colleagues. She is a "patients’ clinician" – she advocates safe and effective practice for the best possible patient experience. She partners with and assists patients on their wishes, goals and any issues or deficits. Maureen is compassionate – she will often spend extra time with patients and their families, and will stay late to provide reassurance when they have extra questions. She is accountable as a patient advocate and a problem solver; she will investigate an issue until it is resolved to the patient’s satisfaction. She is respectful of the clinical skills and the emotional well-being of her inter-professional colleagues. Maureen goes over and above her normal duties to ensure collaboration occurs in inter-professional teams, including Physicians and Specialists. She is generous, caring and considerate of others, both on a professional and personal level. 

Team Award: Housekeeping Orientation Team (Jessica Osborne, Carrie Schoonjans, Val Rolfes, Lisa Trudgen, Leah Praill, Teresa Boock, Amy Zoumboulis) – CKHA’s frontline Housekeepers saw a need for a new department orientation program, so they volunteered their time to create a Professional Practice learning model for Environmental Services. Using best practice guidelines they created a sustainable program that has proven to be valuable to patients, the overall team, and the organization. The new program has been a success as it partners new housekeeping staff with mentors that are eager and willing to train them. It welcomes and introduces new staff to different teams within CKHA, improves the patient experience, and has opened the lines of communication across the large department. The goals of this team are to improve patient safety by reducing transmissions and hospital acquired infections, improve staff safety by reducing injuries, and increase teamwork and morale by providing a welcoming environment. The overall communication between all staff has improved as the team has worked to set the standards for all staff in housekeeping. 

Awards were presented by Ken Deane, Interim President & CEO and Debbie Ancocik, Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer. Recipients received a crystal keepsake award and an educational bursary.

Debbie Ancocik, Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer said, "The recipients and nominees of this year’s Alliance Awards of Excellence reflect a group of compassionate, dedicated and talented people that we are proud to recognize for exceptional performance. They serve as role models to their peers and to all of us within the CKHA family, including our patients." She added, "And I would like to thank all of our staff, physicians and volunteers at CKHA for their commitment to delivering compassionate, quality care everyday.” 

This year's recipients were selected from peer nominations by a panel which represented staff and past honourees. Awards were presented during CKHA's Annual Recognition Banquet last Friday night at Club Lentina’s in Chatham.


For more information contact:
Debbie Ancocik, Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
Chatham-Kent Health Alliance 

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