CKHA Main Campus Services Impacted by Electrical Failure

Chatham-Kent – As a result of an electrical failure earlier this morning, some of CKHA’s Chatham Campus is currently operating on emergency power systems. At this time, the organization is trying to assess the full impact of the outage and will provide an update later today. 

Emergency power systems provide sufficient but limited power. Other internal systems, such as air handling and the main link elevators have been impacted and as a result, the organization is re-scheduling surgical procedures, select ambulatory care visits and routine diagnostic procedures. Patient notifications are currently underway. There has been no impact on the organization’s ability to support emergency procedures. As well, inpatient and emergency services continue to function. CKHA has notified its regional partners and emergency response organizations about the situation. Under the direction of base hospital (EMS), select patients being transported by ambulance may be re-routed to other sites today. 

Background on situation: At approximately 3:30 am this morning, CKHA’s Chatham Campus experienced a power failure as a result of an electrical failure. The on-call administration and engineering services responded to the situation, which was temporarily stabilized. At approximately 6:00 am this morning, as repairs were underway a breaker blew, which resulted in a power failure across the site and a reduction in functionality across systems. The main campus is currently operating on emergency power systems. There were no injuries or patients directly impacted by the situation. The organization continues to examine the situation. 

For information, please contact: 
Zoja Holman Director of Communications 
519- 437-6065

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