Electrical Failure Continues to Impact Services at Chatham Campus

Chatham-Kent – As a result of an electrical failure earlier today, parts of CKHA’s Chatham Campus continue to operate on emergency power systems. While a number of systems have been brought back up and work is progressing, the main electrical system has not been fully restored. 

“This was not the day we expected but through our emergency response planning and protocols, we were well prepared to handle it,” said Sarah Padfield, Chief Operating Officer. “We are proud of the organization’s ability to function through this challenging situation. Unfortunately and despite our best efforts today, there will continue to be an impact on some scheduled visits tomorrow.” 

In addition to procedures and tests rescheduled today, the situation does necessitate select cancellations tomorrow. The extent of which is currently limited to select Ambulatory Care procedures. CKHA has already initiated the notification process to all those affected. 

The greatest impact of reduced power to CKHA operations has been on the HVAC or ventilation system. The HVAC system provides ongoing access to clean air in the operating room (OR), which helps reduce the spread of infection, and cool air into diagnostic imaging, which helps reduce damage to the equipment and improves patient comfort. The HVAC system also generates steam the hospital requires to properly clean and fully sterilize surgical equipment and tools. 

“We greatly appreciate the support of our partner organizations throughout the day and the patience and understanding of our patients, their families and our team of providers. We are working hard to reschedule all procedures and tests as soon as possible,” added Padfield. 

CKHA is requesting the public’s cooperation in limiting unnecessary visits to the Chatham Campus. For those who do come to the Campus please be advised that the main elevators remain unavailable for use. 

For information, please contact: 
Zoja Holman, Director of Communications 
519- 437-6065

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