New Volunteers Join Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Board of Directors - Sydenham District Hospital

CHATHAM-KENT: June 27, 2014 -- At the June 26th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Sydenham District Hospital (SDH), the volunteer Board was appointed as follows: 

Sydenham District Hospital Directors: 

Herb John 
Kris Lee 
George Lung 
Gary Martin 
Sheldon Parsons (Vice Chair) 
Bill Steep 
Jeff Wesley (Chair) 

The following are members of the Tri-Board in an ex-officio capacity by virtue of their offices: Ruth Caperchione, President of Medical Staff Dr. Ranjith Chandrasena, Interim Chief of Staff Willi Kirenko, Vice President, Chief Nursing Executive Colin Patey, President & CEO 

The seven volunteer directors were elected by the membership to reconstitute the SDH Board. The meeting was then adjourned to allow the new Board time to review audited financial statements and proposed by-law amendments. A meeting will be scheduled to reconvene the AGM at a later date, at which time the membership, as per standard protocol, will be asked to appoint the Auditor, receive the final statements and approve the proposed by-law amendments. Following last night’s AGM, an election of officers meeting was also held, resulting in Jeff Wesley as Chair and Sheldon Parsons as Vice Chair. 

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance is a partnership of Public General, St. Joseph’s and Sydenham District Hospitals that brings together the strengths of each hospital to provide patients and families with compassionate, quality healthcare, close to home. Together, in the past year, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance served the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of over 110,000 Chatham-Kent residents. Its 1350 staff, 251 healthcare professionals and 500 volunteers are creating ‘An Exceptional Community Hospital’ and supporting the residents of Chatham-Kent, South Lambton and Walpole Island First Nations. 

Media Contacts regarding Board Appointments: 
Brenda Richardson, Chair, Tri-Board Executive Committee 

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