Update on CKHA Main Campus Services Impacted by Electrical Failure

Chatham-Kent – As a result of an electrical failure earlier this morning, parts of CKHA’s Chatham Campus continue to operate on emergency power systems. Over the course of the morning, a number of systems were brought back up, including the elevators located in east wing of the Campus. Full functionality has not been restored. 

Today’s electrical failure resulted in a number of service cancellations, which are now being re-scheduled. There were a total of 189 scheduled patient visits impacted, inclusive of 49 scheduled surgical procedures and 140 diagnostic tests that are now being rebooked. 

CKHA regrets the impact this situation has had on patients and families. “These are difficult decisions to make as we know that they are disruptive to patients and families. Some of the systems affected are limiting our ability to safely provide full service surgical and diagnostic imaging. While a difficult decision, it was important for us to put patient safety first and take the appropriate precautions by rescheduling those procedures and tests,” said Sarah Padfield, Chief Operating Officer. The organization will provide another update once the system has been fully restored or any further decisions affecting scheduled visits are made. 

For information, please contact: 
Zoja Holman Director of Communications 
519- 437-6065

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