Volunteers provide supplemental services to the staff, patients and families at the hospitals. You will see them throughout the building escorting patients from one department to another, assisting staff in nursing units, outpatient programs, rehabilitation services, pastoral care and many other areas. You will recognize them by their name badges and unique volunteer uniforms.

Are you interested in volunteering at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance?  Apply online through our Adult or Youth application form or use the printable application.


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"Are you interested in volunteering as a patient advisor at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance?" Apply online or use the printable application.

Organization Overview:

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance is a proud partnership of three hospital corporations operating 200+ beds across campuses in Wallaceburg and Chatham. Together we provide quality, compassionate care to thousands of inpatients, outpatients and emergency patients annually from the communities of Chatham-Kent South Lambton, Walpole Island and beyond.

Position Details:

Volunteer applications are being accepted for various departments including: Information Desk, Surgery, Day Surgery, Ambulatory Care, Continuing Care, Emergency Department, Oncology and Boutique Grand & Serendipity gift shops. Most volunteer positions are four hours per week.

Volunteer Requirements:

Application and interview with Volunteer Resource Specialist: Health Review, police check and attendance at a half day general orientation. A three or four hour commitment per week. Job training is provided.

Volunteers at CKHA are an integral part of the circle of care of our patients and are truly respected and appreciated. We welcome your interest in joining our team.

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