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Ambulatory Care Chatham and Wallaceburg

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About Us

The Ambulatory Care Departments at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance provides care to patients with scheduled appointments out of two sites: Chatham and Wallaceburg sites.  The Chatham Site sustains 7 Medical Daycare chairs and 12 bed capacity and sees approximately 150-200 patients per day. The Wallaceburg Site has 4 chairs and 2 bed and capacity and sees approximately 5-15 patients per day.

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Our Team

Our Ambulatory Care Departments are considered interdisciplinary and consist of dedicated, highly skilled health care professionals. The team consists of Physicians, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Orthopedic Technicians, Administrative Assistants, Unit Aides, Lab Technologists, Wound and Skin Advanced Practice Nurses and also work in collaboration with Diagnostic Imaging.

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Core Programs

Your family Healthcare Provider or the Patient Appointment Office (PAO) will be calling you to book your appointment in Ambulatory Care.  ALL appointments in Ambulatory Care are
pre-scheduled appointments.

Before you arrive at the Ambulatory Care Department, you first must go to Patient Registration to be registered.  Please ensure that your Health card is valid prior to your appointment.

Clinics offered at both Chatham and Wallaceburg sites include, but are not limited to:

  1. Orthopedic clinics
  2. Ear, nose and throat ENT clinic (Chatham only)
  3. Medical Day Care (infusions)
  4. Urology clinics (Chatham only)
  5. Ophthalmology clinic
  6. General Surgery and Family Physician clinics
  7. Wound and Skin; Nurse Specialist Clinics
  8. Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) (Chatham only)

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Chatham Site

Ambulatory Care

Zone A, Level 1

519-352-6400 x 6494

Wallaceburg Site

Ambulatory Care

Level 1

519-352-6400 x 8820


Natalie Clark


519-352-6400 x 6331

Mark Carr

Clinical Manager

519-352-6400 x 6329

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How do I get an appointment for Ambulatory Care?

Your family Physician will send a requisition to the Patient Appointment Office (PAO) at CKHA to have your appointment booked for you.  The PAO office will then contact you with your appointment date and time.

How do I register for my Ambulatory Care appointment?

  1. Go through the CKHA revolving doors and Patient Registration Volunteers will be there to greet you.
  2. Take a number and wait patiently in the waiting area for your number to be called. Have your valid Health card ready and any other paperwork that your family Physician has given you for your appointment today.
  3. At Patient Registration, a patient name band will be given as well as paperwork for your appointment at this time. 

Your opinions and feedback matter, send us your comments, questions and concerns.