Complex Continuing Care

Complex Continuing Care

About Us

About Us

Complex Continuing Care (CCC) provides continuing, medically complex and specialized services to individuals who have long-term illnesses or disabilities that typically require skilled, technology-based care not available at home or in long-term care facilities. The CCC Unit is committed to providing quality, compassionate, senior friendly, Patient and Family Centred Care. It is our goal to provide interdisciplinary care that supports the patients’ current functional needs. Team members encourage patients and families to be actively involved in their plan of care. 

Our Team

Our Team

The following people may be a part of your Complex Continuing Care team: Clinical Manager, Physician, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physiotherapists (PT), Occupational Therapists (OT), Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), Registered Respiratory Therapist, Spiritual Care Provider, Therapeutic Recreation, Chiropodist, Social Work, Dietitian, Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) Coordinator, volunteers, and you.

 Core Programs

Core Programs

  • End of Life Services
  • Chronic Ventilation
  • Recreational Therapy Program


Contact & Locations


Complex Continuing Care 
Chatham Site
Zone E, Level 3 
519.352.6400 x 6073

Rashoo Brar 
519.352.6401 x 6670
rbrar [at] ckha [dot] on [dot] ca

Lorianne Granger
Clinical Manager, Complex Continuing Care
519.352.6400 x 6405
LGranger3 [at] ckha [dot] on [dot] ca


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question


Is there a cost to stay on this Unit? 

There is a financial assessment completed on every patient and there may be additional costs associated with your stay.

How long should I expect to be a patient on the CCC Unit?

Your stay will vary until alternate care arrangements can be made.

Are there restrictions limiting visiting hours for end of life patients?

There are no restrictions for end of life patients. For all other patients please follow up with your primary nurse for further guidance.

What do I need to bring?

Shoes with a rubber sole, personal toiletries, loose fitting comfortable clothing, such as sweat suits or lounge wear that is labeled.

Should I bring my own assistive equipment (wheelchair, walker)?

Our OT and PT team will evaluate and instruct you about your personal assistive equipment.

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Chatham Site

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Chatham, ON N7M 5L9

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