Exceptional Stories 'Patients'

Exceptional Stories 'Patients'




Exceptional Stories 'Patients'

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CKHA's First Total Ankle Replacement - CKHA achieved a significant milestone with the completion of its first total ankle replacement on February 25, 2022. Numerous departments played a role to make this procedure possible.  From physicians, nurses and OR staff, to pre-surgical screening, physiotherapy, diagnostic imaging and the patient appointment office – thank you for your dedication to the delivery of safe, high quality care! CKHA is pleased to bring this service to the local community, offering care close to home for patients and their families. Click here to view the story.

New PAC System Brings Improved Technology to CKHA - The process of medical imaging plays an important role in health care; it provides crucial information that informs the care team on the best course of treatment for various ailments and diseases.  As the hub of the hospital, CKHA’s Diagnostic Imaging (DI) department is responsible for performing tests and procedures that reveal valuable information about the body. Read More about the new PAC system.

End-of-Life Transition Smudging Ceremony - To meet the spiritual and religious needs of our patients at end-of-life (EOL), we work closely with faith leaders in our community who bring their speciality to CKHA to facilitate conversations and rituals that help families say goodbye to their loved ones.  Click here to watch a patient story on EOL wishes.

Greg Hetherington - I was a little dizzy, a little out of wind, a little tired, but I honestly kept going back to.  "Oh I’ll be fine and I guess this is just what being 49 feels like." Read More about Greg's Story.

Ray & Michele -  At CKHA, there are countless stories of dedicated staff, physicians and volunteers going above and beyond expectations for patients and families.  Read More about Ray & Michele.

Lynn & Bill - For some of our patients, life can change in an instant with one test, one diagnosis or one trip to the hospital.  Read More about Lynn and Bill's story.

Clifton Tooshkenig - "Now that I can start to see things more clearly, I don’t have those kinds of thoughts… thoughts where I didn’t care for the world and the world didn’t care about me either. At some time or another I knew I had to confront this,” said Clifton Tooshkenig.  Read More about Clifton's story.

Middleton Family “The baby wasn’t crying or making any noises and I’m seeing it all… knowing what was happening and trying not to freak out,” said Myles Middleton. Read More about the Middleton's story.

Kyle - At 18 years old, Kyle was diagnosed with schizophrenia and psychosis – a mental disorder characterized by a disconnection from reality.  Read More about Kyle's story.

Mike Veenema - When health concerns brought Mike Veenema to CKHA’s Emergency Department (ED), his worries about visiting an unfamiliar healthcare facility quickly disappeared.  Read More about Mike's story.

Gord Adams - Gord Adams, a resident of Ridgetown, credits quick action, a CT scan and a clot-busting drug with saving him after he suffered a stroke in September 2013.  Read More about Gord's story.

Barb Hutchins - It seemed to be a typical Sunday morning for Barbara Hutchins, until she discovered something unusual. While preparing for her morning run, she found a lump on one of her breasts.  Read More about Barb's story.

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