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The CKHA Health Records department oversees the management, collection, storage, retention and access of all personal health information for each patient and their health record. We respect and maintain the confidentiality, privacy and security of your personal health information (PHI). Requests for Release of Information (ROI) may be directed to our Health Records Department ROI Specialist, who will process all requests in accordance with the current legislation.  

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Our Team

Our team consists of a Privacy Officer, Certified Health Record Technicians, Medical Transcriptionists, Health Record Clerks, Administration and a Release of Information Specialist. We work collaboratively to handle inquiries and process requests for access, corrections and or release of your Personal Health Information in accordance with applicable legislation. Our team ensures your Personal Health Information Record maintains the highest degree of quality and standards to facilitate continuance of care.  

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Core Programs

  • Record Processing
  • Medical Transcription
  • Release of Patient Information
  • Coding and Abstracting
  • Records Management Centre
  • Electronic Health Record

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Health Records – Release of Information
Chatham Site
Zones F
519.352.6400 x 6374
Fax: 519.436.2543 
Monday – Thursday: 8:00 a. m. – 3:30 p.m. Closed 12:00 p.m. – 1:00pm for lunch
Closed Friday

Jackie Smith
Manager, Health Records 
519.352.6400 x 5231

Melissa Johnson
Privacy Officer
519.352.6400 x 6316 

To locate the Health Records Department, enter the hospital through the main revolving doors. A volunteer at the Information Desk will be happy to assist you.

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How do I get a copy of my health records?

To request a copy of your health record a ‘Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information’ form must be completed by the patient/Substitute Decision Maker/Executor and the original submitted to the CKHA Release of Information Specialist via mail/drop off/email, along with pre-payment (see fee schedule below).

To avoid request delays, please ensure the form is completed in full, signed, dated and witnessed. If you are requesting information as the authorized Substitute Decision Maker/Executor for a patient who is incapable/deceased, you will need to verify your role by providing the necessary documentation (e.g. copy of Power of Attorney for Personal Care document, Will).

For further instructions, please read page 2 of the ‘Consent to Disclose Personal Health Information’.

Will the hospital have all of my records?

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance retains and manages health records according to Public Hospitals Act and hospital policies. Personal Health Information Record will be retained as follows:
Patients 18 years and older – Ten (10) years after discharge or death
Patients less than 18 years of age – Ten (10) years after patient’s 18th birthday .

Can I request a birth record?

Health Records can issue a “Proof of Birth” letter on hospital letterhead. Visit for information on obtaining a copy or applying for a Birth Certificate.

Can I request a death certificate?

Health Records can issue a “Proof of Death” letter on hospital letterhead which includes the date of death, cause of death and hospital location. Visit for information on requesting a copy of a Medical Death Certificate.

How do I request a correction of my health record?

If you feel a correction needs to be made to your Personal Health Information please contact the Health Records department for further direction.

Can I fax or email the Access to Personal Health Information Consent form?

Yes, you can email or fax your request to the Health Records department, however, the original signed consent form and pre-payment (see fee schedule below) must be provided to the Health Records Release of Information Specialist prior to disclosure.

Please Note: While email communication is convenient, it posses security threats that could potentially put your personal health information at risk. Therefore, the Release of Information Specialist will contact you by phone only. Please ensure a convenient contact number is provided.

Is there a charge?

Yes, there is an administrative fee for services. It is based on the current Regional Fee Schedule for processing, retrieval and photocopying.

What is the time for response to my request?

The CKHA will respond to requests for Personal Health Information as soon as possible, and no later than 30 days after receiving a request. If the CKHA is unable to respond to the request within 30 days, the CKHA will notify the requestor in writing, setting out the length of the extension and the reason for the extension.

Your opinions and feedback matter, send us your comments, questions and concerns.