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About Us

The Inpatient Medicine Program cares for patients with multiple diagnoses, the most common being respiratory, diabetic, infections and cardiac illnesses. The team is committed to providing quality, compassionate, senior friendly, Patient and Family Centred Care to all individuals who require treatment for medical conditions. It is our goal to provide interdisciplinary care that promotes healing. Team members encourage patients and families to be actively involved in their plan of care.  


Our Team

Our team functions under the direction of the Medicine Program. The inpatient team consists of a Clinical Manager, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Family Physicians, Hospitalists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Pastoral and Supportive Care, Social Work, Community Care Coordinators, Registered Respiratory Therapists, Pharmacists, Registered Dieticians and Housekeeping. The team meets regularly to plan and provide individualized care for our patients. The Professional Practice team ensures best practice guidelines, accreditation standards and regulated professional standards are being followed and met.


Core Programs

Activation Program: Full implementation of the Activation Program prevents or minimizes seniors’ deconditioning during their hospital stay. If the patient comes from home, the goal is to return home.



Inpatient Medicine Unit
Chatham Site
Zones A, B and C, Level 4
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x 6801 (Zone A) 
x 6804 (Zone B)

Jarrod Prieur
519.352.6400 x 6483

Dawn Stramacchia
Clinical Manager
519.352.6400 x 5139



Who will provide care for me? Will I see my Family Doctor? 

Family Physicians that have privileges at CKHA can provide care for their own patients. If a Family Physician does not have privileges or the patient does not have a Family Physician, they will be cared for by a Hospitalist or in rare occasions an Internist will provide care for a patient.

How long should I expect to stay on the Medicine Unit?

Although patients require different levels of care based on their diagnosis, the average length of stay on the Medicine Unit is eight days.

When will I find out that I am being discharged? Who makes arrangements for me to get home?

Discharge planning starts on admission. The healthcare team is actively working towards returning you home safely. You will receive discharge instructions specific to your condition. You will also receive an updated list of your medications upon discharge.

For complex discharges, Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and Social Work, along with nursing staff will be involved. Arrangements may be made by your Primary Care Provider for diagnostic testing to be completed as an outpatient. If you have any concerns with your discharge please follow up with your Primary Care Nurse.

What time can I expect to be discharged?

Our goal for all discharges is prior to 10:00 a.m. We request that you have made arrangements for transportation home.

How do I know if CKHA is a high performing hospital in this area?

CKHA welcomes your interest in understanding our performance. Like other hospitals in Ontario, CKHA’s wait times and quality indicators are publicly available on the Ministry of Health’s website. CKHA is also proud of its many accomplishments and awards. We invite you to learn more about our performance by visiting:

MOH website
CKHA Achievements page

Your opinions and feedback matter, send us your comments, questions and concerns.