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The Chatham Kent Health Alliance is one of five designated District Stroke Centres in Southwestern Ontario. This distinction allows CKHA to provide best practice stroke care, house a five bed integrated stroke unit, provide stroke-focused rehabilitation, run a daily stroke secondary prevention clinic, have access to tertiary stroke centres and run a transitional stroke program for outpatients. 

Our Team

The Integrated Clinical Stroke Team is a multidisciplinary team comprised of: 

  • Clinical Manager 
  • Physicians
  • Clinical Nurses
  • Stroke Strategy Nurse 
  • An Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapy Assistant
  • A Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Assistant 
  • A Speech Language Pathologist and Communicative Disorders Assistant
  • A Dietician
  • A Pharmacist
  • A Social Worker
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Recreational Therapist 
  • Spiritual Care Provider
  • Supportive Care Provider
  • Home and Community Care Support Services 


The team emphasizes a multidisciplinary assessment, consultation and intervention to provide comprehensive, holistic and culturally appropriate care that is based on Canadian Stroke Best Practices in Acute Care, Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention.

The Integrated Stroke Unit’s specialized team of doctors, nurses, and therapists are experts in stroke. The stroke team works closely with the patient and their family and or partner in care in the treatment and recovery. The stroke team develops a discharge plan in consultation with the patient, their family and or partners in care. Part of the planning may include transfer to the Rehabilitation Unit adjacent to the Integrated Stroke Unit for further specialized stroke rehabilitation, arranging equipment, home supports including therapy or other resources needed. Once the patient’s Rehabilitation has been completed, the team helps transition the patient, family and/or caregivers to successful reintegration into the community through a variety of community based services which may include but are not limited to the Transitional Stroke Program at CKHA, New Beginnings, e-Rehab, March of Dimes and further follow-up from the Secondary Prevention Clinic at CKHA.

 The Transitional Stroke Program

The Transitional Stroke Program assists stroke survivors and their families and caregivers in their journey after stroke, getting back into a routine and the community.  Part of the Transitional Stroke Program is an opportunity to talk about stroke with other stroke survivors. Over four sessions, stroke survivors and a family caregiver learn more about what stroke is, what can be done to try to avoid having another stroke, adjusting to life after stroke, and how to be active at home and in the community. It also provides consultation (if needed) with a stroke nurse or dietician and therapists, as needed, through one-to-one sessions and/or groups with focus on Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Speech-Language Pathology.  For more information, please call 519 352 6401 extension 6080.

 Secondary Prevention Clinic

The Secondary Prevention Clinic is an outpatient clinic for people who have recently had a stroke or a transient ischemic attack (TIA), or people who are at high risk of having either. Those who have had a stroke or TIA are at much higher risk of having another event within the next five years. The clinic helps people by reviewing the causes of these events, and helps them prevent future events through a number of strategies including eating a healthy diet, getting more exercise, and controlling blood pressure. 

People who are seen in the Emergency Department at the Chatham Kent Health Alliance and are diagnosed as having a TIA or stroke are referred by the Physician to the Secondary Prevention Clinic. A referral may also be made by primary care providers in the community (family doctor, nurse practitioner, etc) and as part of follow up after discharge from an inpatient stay at CKHA. For more information, please call 519 352 6401 extension 6026.

For any specific information pertaining to stroke care and programming, please contact the District Stroke Co-ordinator at 519 352 6401 extension 6900.

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