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About Us

The Surgical Program is committed to providing safe, quality, compassionate patient and family centred care. The interdisciplinary team provides education before and after surgery and believes that patients are vital partners in care. Patients play a key role in the quality and safety of their care and are encouraged to be actively involved in their plan of care.



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Our Team

The interdisciplinary team consists of Physicians, Nurses, Therapists (Occupational, Physical, Respiratory, Speech and Language), Pharmacy, Laboratory, Diagnostic Imaging, Medical Devices Reprocessing Technicians, Social Work/Discharge Planners, Registered Dieticians, Pastoral and Supportive Care, Infection Control, Support Aides, Ward Clerks, Housekeeping and Community Care Coordinators. The team meets on a daily basis to plan for care while in hospital and discharge. The Professional Practice team ensures best practice guidelines, accreditation standards and regulated professional standards are followed and met.


Core Programs

The Surgical Program offers surgery, with the department of Anesthesia, in the following specialties: General surgery, Orthopedics, Ears/Nose/Throat, Urology, Ophthalmology, Gynecology and Dental. The program is supported by the Medical Devices Reprocessing department. 

The program provides a seamless journey for the patient through pre-surgical screening, education/instruction regarding surgery, as well as pre-surgical testing including blood work, X-ray and electro-cardiogram (ECG). The program offers day surgery-preparation for surgery and discharge home, operating room and post anesthesia care unit (recovery room) and inpatient surgery unit for patients admitted after their surgery.



Pre-Surgical Screening
Chatham Site
Zone B, Level 2
519.352.6401 x 6076

Day Surgery/Operating Room/Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Chatham Site
Zone B, Level 2
519.352.6401 x 6116
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Inpatient Surgery Unit
Chatham Site
Zone B, Level 2
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519.352.6401 x 6070

Endoscopy Suite
Chatham Site
Zone A, Level 3
519.352.6401 x 6797

Janice Wilmott
519.352.6400 x 6512

Linda Butler
Clinical Manager, Inpatient Surgery/Day Surgery/Pre-Surgical Screening
519.352.6401 x 5104

Jennifer Cylwa
Clinical Manager, Operating Room/Endoscopy/PACU
519.352.6401 x 6575 



How can I prepare for my operation?

Improving your general physical condition can help you heal faster. You should stop smoking as soon as possible; ideally six weeks before surgery. Do not consume any alcohol in the 12 hours before surgery. Stop all recreational drug use, including alcohol before surgery. Some herbal remedies such as St. John’s Wort must be stopped six weeks before surgery.

Can I eat or drink before my operation?

You must have an empty stomach before surgery. Having an empty stomach will reduce the risk of vomiting any undigested food and inhaling it into your lungs. You will receive instructions as to when you should stop eating and drinking. You will receive instructions about taking your regular medications on the day of surgery. Please ensure to follow the instructions you are given as your surgeon or anesthesiologist will cancel your surgery, for your own safety, if the instructions are not followed.

Will someone need to take me home?

Yes, after any type of anesthesia or sedation, you will need to have someone available to take you home. You will not be able to drive, walk or take public transportation. You are also strongly encouraged to make arrangements to have a responsible adult stay with you during the first 24 hours after surgery. Some patients may receive local anesthesia alone, with no sedation. Under these circumstances, it may be possible for you to drive home. Check with your doctor to verify.

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